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21 May 2018 "Do Investors Value Shareholder Perks? Evidence from Japan" Read more
15 May 2018 "Security Analysts and Capital Market Anomalies" Read more
18 Apr 2018 Our Students won the Nominated Case Award in 2017 Global Contest for the Best China-Focused Cases Read more
1 Jan 2018 AF Newsletter 2017 Read more


25 Feb 2018 TVB Big Big Chanenl Kids Talk: 小智慧 大理財︰用利是錢 教孩子 點理財 Read more

Research Seminars

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21 May 2018 "Do Investors Value Shareholder Perks? Evidence from Japan"
by Prof. Ghon Rhee, University of Hawaii
15 May 2018 "Security Analysts and Capital Market Anomalies"
by Dr Weikai Lai, Singapore Management University
20 Apr 2018 "Attention to Global Warming"
by Dr Darwin Choi, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
19 Apr 2018 "Distorted Risked Incentives from Size Threshold-Based Regulations"
by Prof. Shane Johnson, Texas A&M University
18 Apr 2018 "Does Haze Cloud Decision Making"
by Prof. Soo-Hong Chew, National University of Singapore
17 Apr 2018 "Federal Judge Ideology: A New Measure of Ex-Ante Litigation Risk"
by Prof. Allen Huang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
13 Apr 2018 "The Economic Impact of Index Investing"
by Dr Jonathan Brogaard, University of Washington
10 Apr 2018 "Do Firms Use Voluntary Disclosure to Mitigate the Information Cost of Accounting Conservatism? The Role of Bundled Forecasts"
by Dr Giulia Redigolo, ESADE Business School
20 Mar 2018 "Weather, Climate Change and Death in India: Mechanisms and Implications for Climate Change"
by Prof. Olivier Deschenes, University of California
15 Mar 2018 "Game Day Effect on Stock Market: Evidence from Four Major Sports Leagues in U.S."
by Dr Qingliang Fan, Xiamen University
6 Mar 2018 "Does Trading Anonymously Enhance Liquidity?"
by Prof. Patrik Sandas, University of Virginia
2 Mar 2018 "Should Uninformed Shareholders Vote? Evidence from Auditor Ratification"
by Dr Jonathan Shipman, University of Arkanssa
2 Feb 2018 "Investor Preference, Corporate Social Performance, and Stock Prices"
by Ms Xintong (Eunice) Zhan, Erasmus University Rotterdam
1 Feb 2018 "What Drives Global Syndication of Bank Loans? Effects of Capital Regulations"
by Dr Yeejin Jang, Purdue University
23 Jan 2018 "Quantitative and Qualitative Information and Stock-Price Anomalies"
by Prof. Eli Bartov, New York University
12 Jan 2018 "Market Perceptions of the Informational and Comparability Effects of Fair Value Reporting for Tangible Assets: US and Cross-Country Evidence"
by Dr Lihong Liang, Syracuse University