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11 Nov 2014 "Can Institutional Investors Improve Corporate Governance Through Collective Action?" Read more
7 Nov 2014 "The role of revenue-expense mismatching in explaining the tax fundamental’s ability to predict earnings growth" Read more
13 Sep 2014 AF student won the Champion Award of the HKICS Corporate Governance Paper Competition 2014 Read more
26 Aug 2014 Prof. Xinpeng Xu and Prof. Joshua Hausman were interviewed by China Radio International (中国国际广播电台), the so called Abenomics. Read more

Student Competition

Our Students Placed Third in Accounting Event of Inter-Collegiate Business Competition (ICBC) 2014. Read more


09-10 June 2014 Center for Accounting Research & Education (CARE) Conference 2014 Read more


06-07 June 2014 Journal of International Accounting Research (JIAR) Conference 2014 Read more
CHENG, Zhuo (June) (Dr)Accounting
Associate Professor

  • YE, Q., CHENG, Z., & FANG, B. (2013).  Learning from Other Buyers: the Effect of Historical Sales Records in Online Marketplaces.  Decision Support Systems, 56, 502-512.  

  • CHENG, Z. & Nault, B. R. (2012).  Relative Industry Concentration and Customer-Driven IT Spillovers.  Information Systems Research, 23 (2), 340-355.  

  • CHENG, Z. & Nault, B. R. (2007).  Industry Level Supplier-Driven IT Spillovers.  Management Science, 53 (8), 1199-1216.  

  • CHENG, Z. & Nault, B. R. (2007).  Internet Channel Entry: Retail Coverage and Entry Cost Advantage.  Information Technology and Management, 8 (2), 111-132.  

The Ohio State University
  • Management Information Systems
  • Value of IT
  • Technology diffusion
  • E-commerce
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