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XU Xinpeng (Prof)Economics

Xinpeng Xu is Professor of economics in the School of Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Business, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is also Director of FB-Belt and Road Cente, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a Research Associate at the Australia-Japan Research Centre, Australian National University, Australia. His current research interests are in the areas of International Trade, Economic Growth and Resource Allocation, Firm Productivity, as well as Institution and Foreign Direct Investment. He is the recipient of Hong Kong Research Grant Council's competitive General Research Fund (2014/2015; 2016/2017). He is also the recipent of Faculty Prize for Outstanding Performance/Achievement in Teaching in 2014 (Faculty of Business) and has many years’ experience in teaching at the level of MBA, EMBA, DBA and Doctor of Management in both Mainland China and Hong Kong. Prof. Xu has published papers in reputable international refereed journals such as Journal of International Money and Finance, Canadian Journal of Economics, Economic InquiryChina Economic Review, Economica, Economic ModellingApplied Economics, Japanese Economic Review, Economics Letters, Review of World Economics, and World Development. He serves as Co-Editor of Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies and an Executive Committee member of the Hong Kong Economic Association. Professor Xu served as a consultant to international organizations such as OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) and APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation). He graduated from Xiamen University, China with a B.A. and a M.A. in Economics and received his Ph.D. in Economics from the Australian National University, Australia.

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Xu, Xinpeng  (2002), ‘Have the Chinese Provinces Become Integrated Under Reform?’ China Economic Review, 13(2/3): 116-133.

PhD, Economics
The Australian National University
  • International economics and development economics
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