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CHUI Andy (Dr)Economics
Associate Professor

CHUI, CHUN WAI ANDY, (LLOYD, ALISON E.) and (KWOK, CHUCK C.Y.), "The determination of capital structure: is national culture a missing piece to the puzzle?". Journal of International Business Studies, Vol. 33, No. 1, pp.99-127 (2002)

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ANDY Andy C.W. Chui and K.C. John Wei, " Book-to-market, firm size, and the turn-of-the-year effect: evidence from Pacific-Basin emerging markets," Pacific Basin Finance Journal, 6, 275-293.(1998)

Andy C.W. Chui and Chuck C.Y. Kwok, "Cross-autocorrelation between A shares and B shares in the Chinese stock market," Journal of Financial Research, 21, 333-354. (1998)

PhD, Finance
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Asset pricing
  • Behavioural economics, finance, and accounting
  • International accounting and finance
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