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JIANG Liangliang, Lilian (Dr)Finance & Financial Services
Associate Professor

Dr. Liangliang (Lilian) Jiang is an Associate Professor at the School of Accounting & Finance, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). Her research interests include banking and financial institutions, accounting and auditing in corporate governance, economics of regulation and corruption, and environmental economics. Her papers are published or forthcoming in the Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Accounting Research, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Review of Accounting Studies, Journal of Comparative Economics, and others. Her works and views have been presented in major finance conferences such as American Finance Association annual conference (AFA), Western Finance Association annual conference (WFA), European Finance Association annual conference (EFA) and various conferences held by institutions such as Hong Kong Monetary Authority, National Bureau of Economic Research and covered by VoxEU and World Economic Forum, etc.

Liangliang (Lilian) earns her Bachelor of Economics from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai, M.A. in Financial Economics from University of Maine, Orono, and Ph.D. (2009) in Economics from University of Florida, Gainesville. Prior to joining PolyU, Dr. Jiang was an Associate Professor at Lingnan University, Hong Kong.

“Competition and bank liquidity creation,” (with Ross Levine and Chen Lin), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming.

The role of audit verification in debt contracting: Evidence from covenant violations,” (with Hui Zhou), Review of Accounting Studies, 22, 2017, 469-501.

 Competition and bank opacity,” (with Ross Levine and Chen Lin), Review of Financial Studies, 29, 2016, pp.1911-1942.

“Political connections and the cost of borrowings,” (with Joel Houston, Chen Lin and Yue Ma), Journal of Accounting Research, 52, 2014, pp.193-243.

“Effects of foreign institutional ownership on foreign bank lending: Some evidence for emerging markets,” (with Yi Zhu), International Review of Finance, 14, 2014, pp.263-293.

“The determinants of pollution levels: Firm-level evidence from Chinese manufacturing,” (with Chen Lin and Ping Lin), Journal of Comparative Economics, 42, 2014, pp.118-142.

“Regulation and corporate corruption: New evidence from the telecom sector,” (with Sanford Berg and Chen Lin), Journal of Comparative Economics, 40, 2012, pp.22-43.

“Universal service subsidies and cost inflation: Evidence from the U.S. telecommunications sector,” (with Sanford Berg and Chen Lin), Telecommunications Policy, 35, 2011, pp.583-591.

“Incentives for cost shifting and misreporting: U.S. rural service subsidies, 1991-2002,” (with Sanford Berg and Chen Lin), Information Economics and Policy, 23, 2011, pp.287-295.

University of Florida
  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Accounting and Auditing in Corporate Governance
  • Economics of Regulation and Corruption
  • Environmental Economics
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