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Assistant Professor

Félix teaches courses in Hong Kong company law, securities regulation and competition law. His research interests cover both legal theory and empirical legal studies in various topics including the protection of minority shareholders, institutional ownership, and competition and securities law enforcement in Hong Kong and China. He has published his research in numerous law journals, and has also been a visiting scholar at Koguan Law School in Shanghai, Melbourne Law School and Columbia Law School. In the past Félix occupied research positions at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland and the Centre for Competition Policy (UK), and also worked as policy advisor for the World Bank in Washington DC in the areas of property rights, access to credit for housing, and microfinance. He earned his law degree in Buenos Aires and pursued graduate studies in Great Britain at the UEA, SOAS and the University of Warwick.

“Suitable Investment Advice in Hong Kong: Restrictions on Contractual Disclaimers” (forthcoming 2018, Capital Markets Law Journal, OUP)

“Flipping the Traditional Law Lecture: Students’ Perceptions and Performance” (forthcoming 2018, Legal Education Review)

“Do Institutional Owners Monitor? Evidence from Voting on Connected Transaction Proposals in Hong Kong-Listed Companies’ with Professor Simon Fung (forthcoming 2018, Michigan Business and Entrepreneurship Law Review)

“The Unconvincing Rise of the Statutory Derivative Action in Hong Kong: Evidence from its first Ten Years of Enforcement” Journal of Corporate Law Studies, 2017 17(2) 469-496.

“Use of ‘Reading Quizzes’ to Foster Learning: Evidence from Teaching Company Law in Business Programmes” The Law Teacher, Routledge, 2017 51(3) 349-363.

“The Role of Presumptions of Market Dominance in Civil Litigation in China” with Professor Liyang Hou, Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, 2015, 0, 1-24; doi: 10.1093/jaenfo/jnv008

"Notices, Enforcement and the Making of the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance" China-EU Law Journal, 2015 4(2) 201-222, DOI 10.1007/s12689-015-0058-z

“Presumptions, Market Dominance and Oligopoly in Europe and China: A Comparison“ World Competition, 36(2) June 2013, 313-338

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“Comments on the Telecom Case“ LA LEY, 5 April 2010, Buenos Aires.

“Securitization and the Protection of the Creditors of the Originator” LA LEY 2006-C, 1391-1403, Buenos Aires.

PhD Law
University of East Anglia (UK)
  • Company Law and Governance
  • Financial Intermediaries
  • Securities Regulation and Policy
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