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MOK Vincent (Dr)Economics
PhD, MPhil, BSocSc
Assistant Professor

Vincent MOK is an Assistant Professor in economics in the School of Accounting and Finance at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. He received his PhD from the University of Sussex, UK. His main research interest focuses on productive efficiency estimation and foreign direct investment in China. His latest publications have been included in the international journals such as Economic Geography, International Journal of Production Economics, Journal of Contemporary China, Journal of Economic Studies, and Managerial and Decision Economics.

YEUNG, G. & MOK, V. (2013).  Manufacturing and Distribution Strategies, Distribution Channels, and Transaction Costs: The Case of Parallel Imports in Automobiles.  Managerial and Decision Economics, 34 (1), 44-58.  

MOK, V., YEUNG, G., HAN, Z., & LI, Z. (2010).  Export Orientation and Technical Efficiency: Clothing Firms in China.  Managerial and Decision Economics, 31 (7), 453-463.  

MOK, V. & YEUNG, G. (2008).  ISO 9000 Certification and Technical Efficiency of Foreign-financed Manufacturing Firms in Southern China: A Stochastic Frontier Approach.  Journal of Economic Studies, 35 (5), 385-404.  

WU, Z., YEUNG, G., MOK, V., & HAN, Z. (2007).  Firm-specific knowledge and technical efficiency of watch and clock manufacturing firms in China.  International Journal of Production Economics, 107, 317-332.  

MOK , V., YEUNG, G., HAN, Z., & LI, Z. (2007).  Leverage, Technical Efficiency, and Profitability: An Application of DEA to Foreign-invested Toy Manufacturing Firms in China.  Journal of Contemporary China, 16 (51), 259-274.  

YEUNG, G. & MOK, V. (2006).  Regional Monopoly, Inter-regional and Intra-regional Competition: The Parallel Trade in Coca-Cola between Shanghai and Hangzhou in China.  Economic Geography, 82 (1), 89-109.  

MOK , V. & YEUNG, G. (2005).  Employee Motivation, External Orientation and Technical Efficiency of Foreign-financed Firms in China: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis.  Managerial and Decision Economics, 26, 175-190.  

YEUNG, G. & MOK, V. (2004).  Does WTO Accession Matter for the Chinese Textile and Clothing Industry?  Cambridge Journal of Economics, 28 (6), 937-954.

  • International economics and development economics
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