News & Events

30 Aug 2018 "The Effect of Superstar Firms on College Major Choice" Read more
24 Aug 2018 "The Effect of Subsidiary Accounting Quality on Internal Capital Allocation Efficiency: Evidence from Bank Holding Companies" Read more
18 Apr 2018 Our Students won the Nominated Case Award in 2017 Global Contest for the Best China-Focused Cases Read more
1 Jan 2018 AF Newsletter 2017 Read more


25 Feb 2018 TVB Big Big Chanenl Kids Talk: 小智慧 大理財︰用利是錢 教孩子 點理財 Read more

Academic Staff

Teaching Fellow
CHAU Tak Wai (Dr) Teaching Fellow
Economics 2766 7064 M710
CHENG Sarah (Ms) Teaching Fellow
Accounting 2766-7027 M754
CHING Vincent (Dr) Teaching Fellow
Accounting 3400-3460 M719
Fung Lawrence (Mr) Teaching Fellow
Finance & Financial Services 2766-4951 M732
GHOSH Sudeep (Dr) Teaching Fellow
Economics 2766-7124 M820
LAM Francis (Dr) Teaching Fellow
Accounting 2766-7084 M752
LEE, Ian (Mr) Teaching Fellow
Law 3400-8452 M1050
LI Bruce (Dr) Teaching Fellow
Accounting 2766-7034 M713
LI Raymond (Dr) Teaching Fellow
Economics 2766-7126 M1051
SABAPATHY Sandy (Dr) Teaching Fellow
Law 2766-5635 M825
SIU Emmie (Ms) Teaching Fellow
Finance & Financial Services 2766-6340 M505b
TAM Ching-yee (Ms) Teaching Fellow
Accounting 2766-4056 M833
WANG Jacqueline (Dr) Teaching Fellow
Finance & Financial Services 2766-7107 M507g
WONG Anson (Dr) Teaching Fellow
Finance & Financial Services 3400-3451 M702
WONG Jody (Dr) Teaching Fellow
Accounting 2766-4074 M717
WONG Percy (Mr) Teaching Fellow
Accounting 2766-7036 M739
WONG Tina (Dr) Teaching Fellow
Economics 2766-5635 M825
Yim Derek (Dr) Teaching Fellow
Finance & Financial Services 2766-4409 M758
WANG Jia (Angelia) (Dr) Instructor
Law 2766-7070 M1041