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15 Mar 2018 "Game Day Effect on Stock Market: Evidence from Four Major Sports Leagues in U.S." Read more
2 Feb 2018 "Investor Preference, Corporate Social Performance, and Stock Prices" Read more
2 Dec 2016 Green Office Guide Read more
17 Sep 2016 Our Students won Third Prize in SCMP/IFPHK Financial Planner Awards Read more

Student Competition

Our Students won Third Prize in SCMP/IFPHK Financial Planner Awards 2016 Read more

Student Competition

08 April 2016 Our students are awarded in the EYAcademy’s CSR Challenge 2016 Read more

Student Competition

Our students won Merit Award in Deloitte Tax Championship 2014 National Competition. Read more


Our Team Members

Over the years, faculty members of the LAW team contribute to the missions of the PolyU, Faculty of Business as well as School of Accounting and Finance in three dimensions: teaching, research and scholarly activities and professional and consultancy services.

In teaching, faculty members of the LAW team teach courses from undergraduate level to postgraduate level in a wide spectrum of subject areas including Business Law, Company Law, Corporate Social Responsibility, Chinese Law, Corporate Governance, Securities Regulation, E-Commerce Law, Employment Law, Insolvency Law, Banking Law, Financial Reporting Environment, Basic Law, etc.

In research, faculty members of the LAW team focus on inter-disciplinary research in relation to law, including Law and Economics, Law and Finance, Law and Accounting. Over the years the LAW team has developed its specialization in three areas including Competition Law, Corporate Governance Laws, and Empirical Legal Studies. Research output of the faculty members of the law team appeared in the form of high quality monographs published by Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Edward Elgar, and in the form of original research articles in well-received legal journals.

In scholarly, professional and consultancy services, faculty members of the law team actively promote the local, regional and international legal development by serving as advisers and expert group members of various drafting committees. Faculty members of the law team also take scholarly activities such as journal editors and reviewers, organizers and keynote speakers in various academic conferences; and professional and consultancy activities such as external examiners, panel judge in professional awards, guest lecturers in seminars / workshops organized by professional bodies and law firms. Starting from 2005, faculty member of the LAW team set up the not-for-profit organization the Asian Competition Forum. Since then the forum has established its reputation as a leading regional platform for discussion for policymakers, business persons and academics dealing with the law and economics of competition law and policy in Asia Pacific Region.