Master of Corporate Governance

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Programme Outcomes

On completion of the MCG programme, graduates will be able to:

(a)   appreciate the importance of business ethics pertaining to various corporate governance issues.
(b)   comprehend best practices in respect of corporate governance, as required to achieve higher standards of corporate behaviour.
(c)   develop a critical law and regulation insight and appreciate the role of law and regulation in corporate governance.
(d)   apply the corporate accounting and finance concepts and financial reporting practices in accounting and financial planning, control and decision making.
(e)   comprehend and appreciate management accounting controls, information systems, principles of organization and strategy theories and their application to corporate management.
(f)   explain and apply current Hong Kong taxation law and practices to advise on tax implications in corporate management and decision making.
(g)   comprehend and appreciate the legal aspects involved in company matters and the corporate governance system of both Hong Kong and PRC companies.
(h)   fulfill exemption requirements of relevant professional bodies, including The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) and The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries (HKICS).


Professional Recognition

As elaborated in the programme outcomes, graduates of the programme may be eligible for FULL exemption from the examination requirements of The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) and The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries (HKICS). However, graduates of this programme who have registered with the HKICS on or after 1 November 2002 and have already attempted but failed any HKICS examination paper(s) should check with these professional bodies about exemption from those failed paper(s) even if they successfully graduate from this programme.


Graduates of the programme may also be eligible for professional examination exemption in respect of other professional bodies, such as ACCA (exemption for certain specific papers in its foundation examinations) and CPA (Australia) (depends on the graduate's undergraduate curriculum, exemption for six to eight papers in its foundation examinations).


The normal duration of study is 2 years with a maximum study period of 4 years.


The tuition fee is HK$154,500 per programme (30 credits)

Admissions Procedures

From late September to April of each year. Please refer to Study @ PolyU website ( for the application deadlines of individual programmes.


For further information, please contact:

Ms Lucia Leung Tel: (852) 3400 3232


For information on academic matters, please contact:

Ms Ching-Yee Tam Tel: (852) 2766 4056


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Alumni of Master of Corporate Governance

Sandy HUNG (MCG Graduate 2014)
Business Marketing Director, Well Synergy International Limited 

During my presentation in front of the judge panel with 15 persons, one of the judges asked me why I studied MCG after as I have been working in marketing field since my university graduation.  Another question was how this MCG program assisted my career in marketing. I elaborated to them that MCG program helped me to broaden my view to manage and govern my company from different stakeholders' perspective. In addition, regarding how it helped my marketing leadership, the ordinance I learnt like the  company law, competition ordinance, trademark and copyright that equipped me to be professional. 

Honestly, I enjoyed without regret to take this MCG Program. Go back to this Distingushed Marketing Leadership award, I also proud of myself for this recongition  as most of the awardee are come from large corporation like Coca Cola, McDonald, Wellcome supermarket, Yahoo, Pricerite etc.

Ms Sandy HUNG (Right)

Awardee of HKMA Professional Manager Designation (May 2016)

Miss Sandy Hung was invited as guest speaker for students of the MSc in China Business Studies programme (25 February 2017)

KWONG Wing Yan (MCG Graduate 2016)

Senior Accountant, Pearson Education Asia Limited

The programme helped me gain professional qualification and develop analytical and critical thinking. It was the best platform for sharing knowledge and updates on work situations between professors, professionals and all students.


WOO Ka Man (MCG Graduate 2016)
Assistant General Manager, Sino Estates Management Limited

“This programme equipped me with skills and knowledge applicable to solving problems in accounting, governance and legal functions.

It also enabled me to obtain the professional qualification of Chartered Secretary.”


Angel LAI On Ki (MCG Graduate 2015)
Assistant Vice President, Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited

「Learning is much more than acquirement of knowledge and professional qualifications. It is through learning that one is able to distinguish right from wrong, and to enhance thinking」


Julian LEUNG Ho Yan (MCG Graduate 2014)

Group Financial Controller, Company Secretary
Yongsheng Advanced Materials Company Limited (HKEx: 3608)

The MCG program is famous for its practicality and relevancy to corporate governance awareness and facilitates our communications to stakeholders and promotes responsibilities to the society. The width and depth of corporate governance, thought exposure to contemporarily issues and ideas flow behind experienced professionals amplified further. The program lectures were so patient to guide us through the comprehensive curriculum regardless of your professional background. After joining the MCG program, I understand that it offers insights to ethical judgements. I also treasure the lifelong connections and friendships with by my fellow classmates, lecturers and alumni.


April KWAN Yuk Yin (MCG Graduate 2014)

I am working in a Listed Company related Account and Company Secretary work. 

Many people asking me why chose Polyu to study MCG because it had a good reputation. Moreover, the content of the course was very closely related to my job. The course schedules was very well suited for me, it fitted in well with having a full-time job.

During my studies, there was a nice atmosphere and I made some new friends. All lecturers were also very supportive and did everything they could to help. My classmates were cooperative and active. They were gave different views and opinions and always had their well-ideas in project work. Thanks for them again that I was able to complete the course.

My motto is 「if you think you can, you can」 and I feel very excited about my future.


Edmund NG Tsz Yeung (MCG Graduate 2014)
Lukfook Group

The MCG program provided us with courses focused on the practical corporate governance needs and current international trends. It not only brought us hands-on professional knowledge, but also a broad insight into the compliance concerns which would be very useful for business executives in facilitating the enhancement of the corporate governance in different corporations. With the closed relationship between the teachers and students and the invaluable network of our classmates, the MCG program would be one of the most enjoyable postgraduate learning experience.


Arthur LEE Kin (MCG Graduate 2013)
Assistant President, Company Secretary and General Manager of Investor Relations of CGN Meiya (HKEx: 1811) 

MCG is an excellent program! The program is interactive, dynamic, with latest information the professional knowledge. It covers areas from corporate governance, corporate administration, risk management to accounting and corporate strategy, etc. It is program that, not only enhance one's intellectual ability but communication skills as well. Along with study, we developed a great network with fellow classmates and alumni. The experience that they share in the lessons is fantastic. MCG provides me with rich source of vitamins in keeping me professional healthy to handle my company secretary duties. I will recommend MCG to anyone who is serious about Corporate Governance.


CHEUNG Wah Keung (MCG Graduate 2009)
Chairman, Shinhint Group

「On top of compliance with regulations and rules, the best governance is morally driven.」




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September 2016  Jacky's article in Capital Weekly
(Source: Capital Weekly (Issue 568))
September 2016  Jacky's article in Capital Weekly
(Source: Capital Weekly (Issue 565)

31 August 2016  Presentation of HKICS Teaching Award
                         Awardee: Mr Philip Chan


31 August 2016  Presentation of HKICS Teaching Award
                         Awardee: Dr Stephen Chan

27 August 2016  MCG Orientation 2016/2017  


July 2016  Angus's interview by HKICS   /files/Mr_Angus_Pang_-_HKICS_sharing.jpg
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The Master of Corporate Governance (MCG) programme aims to provide an educational pathway for business or business-related degree graduates to specialize in corporate governance. It aims to equip corporate administrators, including chief executive officers, directors, financial controllers, treasurers, company secretaries and holders of other key corporate positions, with a sound knowledge of, and competency in corporate governance so that they can effectively participate in the planning, implementation and monitoring of corporate financial policies and strategies

  • A Bachelor's or higher degree in business or business-related disciplines awarded by a recognized university, or other qualifications deemed equivalent by the Admissions Committee;
  • To meet the minimum entrance requirements, applicants should have studied basic accounting and law or business law at undergraduate level.

If you are not a native speaker of English, and your Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification is awarded by institutions where the medium of instruction is not English, you are expected to fulfil the following minimum English language requirement for admission purpose, unless otherwise specified by individual programmes concerned:


  • A Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 80 for the Internet-based test or 550 for the paper-based test;
  • An overall Band Score of at least 6 in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).


Individual cases will be considered on their own merit by the departments concerned*. Applicants may be required to attend interviews or tests to further demonstrate their language proficiency. 


For applicants with qualifications obtained in Taiwan, a pass in the High-Intermediate level or above in GEPT may be considered as having fulfilled the English language requirements. Please contact us at sends e-mail) for details.

Suitable candidates may be invited to attend admission interviews.

  • You have to complete 9 Compulsory Subjects (i.e. 27 credits) and 1 Elective Subject (i.e. 3 credits).
  • A total of 30 credits are required for the Master of Corporate Governance award.
  • Normally, you will study two subjects in each of Semesters 1 and 2, and one subject in the Summer Term.
  • Classes are normally scheduled on weekday evenings and / or Saturday afternoons.


Year Semester Subject Code Subject Title
1 1 AF5141 Corporate Financial Accounting
1 AF5520 Corporate Law
2 AF5213 Corporate Taxation and Tax Planning
2 MM533 Organisation Management and Strategy
Summer Term AF5231 Managerial Accounting and Information Systems
1 AF5930 Corporate Administration
1 AF5510 Corporate Governance
2 AF5337 Corporate Finance and Policies
2   Elective subjects^ (any one):
  AF5336 Business Risk Management

Securities Regulations and Practice

  AF5220 Strategic China Tax Planning and Management
Summer Term AF5521

Contemporary Issues in Corporate Governance

^Subject to the university's minimum enrolment requirement, not all subjects will be offered each year. And, registration is subject to the availability of quota.

The Year-one compulsory subjects aim to provide students with the necessary knowledge in the areas of financial reporting, corporate and tax law, strategic management, managerial accounting and controls, and modern information system. Such knowledge prepares them for progressing into specialisation in different corporate governance areas covered by compulsory subjects offered in Year Two. These nine compulsory subjects will be offered in the following sequence.

Year One

The first semester will offer two compulsory subjects, "Corporate Financial Accounting" and "Corporate Law". The subject "Corporate Financial Accounting" aims at providing students with knowledge of accounting theories and financial reporting practice applicable to companies in both Hong Kong and the Mainland. The subject "Corporate Law" will provide a sound knowledge of corporate law in Hong Kong and an appreciation of corporate structure and regulations in other jurisdictions. This subject will enable students to appreciate the inter-connection of the legal framework with other disciplines which together constitute corporate governance.

In the second semester, two compulsory subjects, "Corporate Taxation and Tax Planning" and "Organisation Management and Strategy" will be offered. The subject "Corporate Taxation and Tax Planning" will provide students with concepts of taxation and tax planning so that they can advise on the tax implications of decisions in corporate governance. The subject "Organisation Management and Strategy" aims to equip students with knowledge and understanding of key principles and practices in management for the strategic contexts of the professional and executive role.

The summer term will offer the compulsory subject "Managerial Accounting and Information Systems". This subject will provide students with the knowledge of key issues in managerial accounting and information systems associated with corporate governance. The subject will enable students to appreciate and participate in the controlling and decision making process of business entities.

Year Two

Two compulsory subjects, "Corporate Governance" and "Corporate Administration" will be offered in the first semester. These two subjects together will instill students with the knowledge and key skills necessary for best practices in corporate governance and in handling the responsibilities of corporate administration in corporate management. The subjects will enable students to appreciate the corporate governance systems of Hong Kong companies as well as the features of the corporate governance systems of the Mainland companies and the requirements of the legal and regulatory environment in corporate administration and compliance.

The compulsory subject "Corporate Finance and Policies" will be offered in the second semester. The subject will equip students with modern theories of corporate finance and the knowledge of the financial aspects of business entities with particular emphasis on the area of planning and implementation of corporate financial strategies and policies.

The final compulsory subject "Contemporary Issues in Corporate Governance" aims to expose students to the state-of-the-art issues in corporate governance and, in recognition of the dynamic nature of corporate sector reform in Hong Kong, on the Mainland and in the worldwide.