News & Events

11 Nov 2014 "Can Institutional Investors Improve Corporate Governance Through Collective Action?" Read more
7 Nov 2014 "The role of revenue-expense mismatching in explaining the tax fundamental’s ability to predict earnings growth" Read more
13 Sep 2014 AF student won the Champion Award of the HKICS Corporate Governance Paper Competition 2014 Read more
26 Aug 2014 Prof. Xinpeng Xu and Prof. Joshua Hausman were interviewed by China Radio International (中国国际广播电台), the so called Abenomics. Read more

Student Competition

Our Students Placed Third in Accounting Event of Inter-Collegiate Business Competition (ICBC) 2014. Read more


09-10 June 2014 Center for Accounting Research & Education (CARE) Conference 2014 Read more


06-07 June 2014 Journal of International Accounting Research (JIAR) Conference 2014 Read more

Subject Syllabi

Subject Code
Subject Name
Semester 1 (2014-2015)
AF5102 (ACN) Accounting Theory
AF5102 (MPA) Accounting Theory
AF5103 Contemporary Issues in Managerial Accounting
AF5104 International Accounting
AF5107 Accounting for Engineers
AF5108 Accounting for Managers
AF5110 (ACN) Theory & Practice of Accounting in China
AF5110 (CBS) Theory & Practice of Accounting in China
AF5110 (MPA) Theory & Practice of Accounting in China
AF5111 Accounting for Corporations
AF5112 Management Accounting
AF5113 Accounting for Strategic Management
AF5115 Accounting for Business Analysis
AF5121 Strategic Value and Cost Management
AF5141 Corporate Financial Accounting
AF5203 Contemporary Issues in Accounting Information Systems
AF5204 Contemporary Issues in Info Systems Aud and Control
AF5206 Hong Kong Tax Framework
AF5215 Financial Accounting for Executives
AF5216 Management Accounting for Executives
AF5239 Financial Accounting for Executives
AF5302 Finance for Multinational Corporations
AF5312 (MCF Part-time) Principles of Corporate Finance
AF5312 (MoF Full-time) Principles of Corporate Finance
AF5318 Financial Management

The subject syllabi contained in this website are subject to review and changes from time to time. The School of Accounting and Finance reserves the right to revise or withdraw the offer of any subject contained in this website.