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25 Jul 2018 "Can Short Sellers Constrain Aggressive Non-GAAP Reporting?" Read more
17 Jul 2018 "Rumor Mill or Crowd Wisdom? The Effects of Social Media in the Presence of False Rumors" Read more
18 Apr 2018 Our Students won the Nominated Case Award in 2017 Global Contest for the Best China-Focused Cases Read more
1 Jan 2018 AF Newsletter 2017 Read more


25 Feb 2018 TVB Big Big Chanenl Kids Talk: 小智慧 大理財︰用利是錢 教孩子 點理財 Read more

Subject Syllabi

Subject Code
Subject Name
Summer Semester (2017-2018)
AF5114 (MPA) Financial Statement Analysis
AF5231 (MCG) Managerial Accounting & Information Systems
AF5302 (MPA) Finance for Multinational Corporations
AF5322 (MoF_MIM_IMM_MCF) Corporate Risk Management
AF5355 (MoF) Finance and Strategy
AF5503 (MoF_MCF) Corporate Governance, Disclosures & Implications
AF5511 (MoF) Regulatory Framework
AF5521 (MCG) Contemporary Issues in Corporate Governance
AF5626 (CBS) China Immersion Experience
AF5932 (MoF_MIM_IMM_MCF) Project
AF5933 (MoF_MIM_IMM_MCF) Project
AF5935 (MoF_EEE) Energy and Environment Project
AF6301 (DBA) Advanced Financial Management
AF6608 (PhD) University Teaching / Research Practicum
AF6611 (PhD) Research Seminars in Accounting and Finance I
AF6612 (PhD) Research Seminars in Accounting and Finance II
AF6613 (PhD) Research Seminars in Accounting and Finance III
AF6614 (PhD) Research Seminars in Accounting and Finance IV

The subject syllabi contained in this website are subject to review and changes from time to time. The School of Accounting and Finance reserves the right to revise or withdraw the offer of any subject contained in this website.