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17 Sep 2016 Our Students won Third Prize in SCMP/IFPHK Financial Planner Awards Read more

Student Competition

Our Students won Third Prize in SCMP/IFPHK Financial Planner Awards 2016 Read more

Student Competition

08 April 2016 Our students are awarded in the EYAcademy’s CSR Challenge 2016 Read more

Student Competition

Our students won Merit Award in Deloitte Tax Championship 2014 National Competition. Read more

Work-Integrated Education

Since 2005, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has introduced a mandatory component to all undergraduate degree programmes - Work-Integrated Education (WIE).

WIE refers to work-based learning experiences which take place in an organisational context relevant to a student’s future profession, or the development of generic skills that will be valuable in that profession. Students are required to complete at least 300 hours of internship work in order to graduate.

Every year, the School of Accounting and Finance organises the Spring Internship Programme (SIP) and the Summer Internship Programme (SUIP) in order to help students fulfill the 300-hour WIE requirement (100-hour from students admit in 2017 onwards). During the internship, our WIE partner organizations will provide “on-the-job” training opportunities to our students of the following degree programmes:

  • BBA(Hons) in Accountancy
  • BBA(Hons) in Accounting and Finance
  • BBA(Hons) in Financial Services
  • BBA(Hons) in Accountancy (mixed mode, 2-3 years)

Through the training, our students will be equipped with valuable work experiences as well as necessary professional and generic skills for full-time employment upon graduation.