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Work-Integrated Education

FB3001 Work-Integrated education WIE (3 training credits) is a mandatory component of BBA curriculum.   It is 「work-based learning experiences which take place in an organizational context relevant to a student's future profession, or the development of generic skills that will be valuable in that profession.」 Also, WIE facilitates the integration of knowledge, skills and competences between the classroom and the real-world, thus equipping students with valuable work experience as well as practical readiness for full-time employment upon graduation.

Students are required to obtain a 「Pass」 in the subject FB3001 Work-Integrated Education (FB3002 for students admit in 2017 onwards) upon graduation, i.e successfully complete at least 300 hours (100-hour from students admit in 2017 onwards) of placements in one or more organizations OR through one or more eligible WIE activities. 

If you have any questions about WIE procedures/forms, please feel free to contact us at 2766 7134 or 2766 7086 or email to "".

Notes from AFWIE:

Penalty in the manner of including but not limited to warning letter(s) and/or deduction of WIE hours might be imposed by the Faculty of Business in respect of any of your mis-behaviour in relation to the internship without reasonable excuse, including the following:

  • Unable to attend interviews as scheduled without notifying the internship offering organization and AF (if the internships is nominated by AF) not later than five working days before the interview and obtaining approval from both the organization and AF for doing so.

  • Absence from work without applying for leave according to the procedures of the internship offering organization and approval has been obtained for such leave application.

  • For internships nominated by AF, resignation before completion of the original contractual period, without notifying AF and obtaining approval from AF before submitting the resignation to the internship offering organization.

  • Unsatisfactory WIE performance, including (i) the overall rating by employer is at 2 (Fair) or below as shown on the Employer Feedback Form, (ii) complaints is received from the offering organization, or (iii) any other circumstances deemed relevant by AF.

Download Area:

Please find the useful files of WIE procedures/forms as follows:

 (A) WIE procedures:

1.    Hints on Preparing for Your Internship

2.    Guidelines - Statutory Minimum Wage (SMW) 


 (B) WIE forms:

3.    Compliance checklist for self-sourced placement    'Undertaking'(*Sign on Page 2)

4.    Compliance checklist for SIP SUIP AF sourced    'Undertaking'(*Sign on Page 2)

5.    Compliance checklist for CAPS Sourced Local or Overseas only    'Undertaking'(*Sign on Page 2)

6.    WIE-F3  Letter of Participation (from organizations)

7.    WIE-F4  Letter of Acceptance of Non-Local Internship Student (from organizations)

8.    WIE-F6  Student Application for self-sourced placements

9a.  WIE-F15 Student Trainee Evaluation by Organization (English)

9b.  WIE-F15 Student Trainee Evaluation by Organization (Traditional Chinese)

9c.  WIE-F15 Student Trainee Evaluation by Organization (Simplified Chinese)

10.  WIE-F23 Credit Transfer (For senior student admitted before 2017 only)

11.  WIE-F24 Student Leadership activity application

12.  WIE-F27 (Eng) Letter of Consent for WIE

13.  WIE-F27 (Chi) Letter of Consent for WIE

14.  Notes for institution and letter of confirmation (student intern)

15.  Notes for institution and letter of confirmation (work experience student)

16.  Specimen content of statutory declaration made by a work experience student